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Saturdays w/ Serious Betty, playlist by Serious Betty

Every second Saturday from 1PM to 2PM, join Serious Betty as she talks events, parties, and of course, music.

New Faces of Toronto, playlist by Michael Bonchar

Following the release of his debut EP, Michael wanted to reciprocate all the love he received for Nomads Land. And from that was born New Faces of Toronto.

‘I like the idea of all of us artists in one place being able to explore each other’s sounds. Toronto has such a diverse sound base and although my playlist focuses on R&B and Pop, there is a fusion of other unique sub-genres buried within the 100 tracks.

Toronto artists need to show each other love, and I hope to grow this playlist to the point where it gains enough attention that it can show other countries and cities that we're a diverse musical community who got each others' backs.’ - Michael

Follow the ‘New Faces of Toronto’ playlist & Michael @ellistonmusic

Girls Need Love, playlist by Joelle White

Introducing Joelle, aka @joelle.co, the curator spotlighting the hottest rising female artists and musicians.

'Girls Need Love' was inspired in part by the amazing single by Summer Walker, but mostly from the minimal representation of women at the forefront of the music industry. I plan to tackle this issue in as many cities as possible by creating a platform that will feature indie female artists, providing them with the exposure their music deserves. What better city to start with than Toronto? With the ample amount of music I discovered in my city over the past year, I just knew I had to share the love! - Joelle

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