"Mixed it Right" is an underground love story

Adrian 10z comes cruising onto the scene with “Mixed it Right” a track about love, drugs, and being free.

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Adrian 10z is a 23 year old R&B artist born and raised in Toronto. The youngin’ has been featured on tracks with Dom Alli (Signals ft Pesto) and T.yyy (>$ aka More Than Money ft Nicole Ayala), both of which are R&B-influenced tracks to get down to.

Simple but meaningful lyrics jump out over the smooth and catchy beat: “Any day of, the week / I know I, can / Call on, my / Lady.” Adrian expands: “This represents the importance of being with a woman you can trust and depend on. Finding the right woman isn’t easy but, when you do, it’s important to value her.” A-men, babe!

“Mixed It Right” Lyric Video by Jeff Fieldcamp

“Mixed It Right” came to be, when friend and producer Tyler Davis played the beat for Adrian. He was immediately taken by thoughts: “A woman I hold dear instantly came to mind. [And then] the first line in the hook came [to me], “Ah bout you, all ah about you.” The rest started to roll from there, creating a track that is at face value about one woman, but when listened twice over, holds images for deeper meaning. “This track is about someone’s vices. With 24 hours in a day, we all shift our focus a few times, [specially] depending on [our] location. The perspective of the song makes you think it’s only about a woman but, the “woman” also symbolizes other vices, [like] alcohol, money, and drugs.”

And then there’s that line, “Mixed it right / I feel like a kid chasing a kite.” Adrian shares this is about “being high and feeling free. I imagine that kids are always happy chasing a kite, running through a park.” The song does have a dream-like feel that is reminiscent of childhood memories.

“My creative process? I’m not good at communication but, I’m working on it. With music, it’s different. I just let myself speak. My brain turns off and whatever I feel like in that exact moment is the direction I take the song.”

Keep your eyes out for this kid as he bangs out more tracks, and plans for his take-over in 2019.

Written & performed by Adrian 10z

Produced by Tyler Davis

Co-produced by Dominic Allison

Mixed & mastered by Tyler Danelley

Listen to “Mixed it Right” on iTunes, Spotify, and on SB’s On Rotation mix on Soundcloud.

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