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1five1’s emotion-filled debut EP takes us on a journey from melancholy to blissful optimism

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Sandra Anna aka 1five1 is a Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist and bedroom producer. Sandra is drawn to r&b-leaning trip-hop acts like Portishead and Massive Attack, and IDM pioneers like Aphex Twins, Bjork and Radiohead’s Kid A. She has a goal of becoming a film composer, so this combined with her musical pallet inspire the texture and heavy emotion heard in Sandra’s production.

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Sandra describes her creative process as “world-building”, often following a singular chord or beat section to inspire many atmospheric layers. Live guitar, bass, and piano can be heard all throughout her debut record.

1five1’s self-titled EP is an accumulation of instrumental experimentations in combining despondency with dance floor-ready rhythms, slowly ascending over 5 tracks from heavy melancholia into blissful optimism.

Words taken from 1five1’s EPK written by Bedroomer

1five1, self-titled EP: Written, Produced, and Performed by Sandra Annan

Mixed and Mastered by Hudson Alexander

Artwork by Sophia Oppel

Photos by Erin Brazeau

© Bedroomer 2018 Toronto